Monday, October 08, 2007

The Muse Online Writers Conference Begins

Pardon me while I rub the sleep out of my eyes. It's 2a.m. and the girls will probably be up around 6. What fun! But I needed to read all my handouts and get my questions ready for the Muse Online Writers Conference that starts tomorrow. It is a free, totally online writers conference put together by two amazing ladies--Lea Schizas and Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

I participated last year and spent a lot of the time kicking myself for not signing up for more workshops. Well, not this year. I signed up for almost everything that interested me. I feel like I am back in high school--reading, exercises, writing assignments. What's next, gym? LOL! I love it, I really do.

Don't be surprised if I proceed to fall off the face of the planet this week. All my energies are focused on getting the most out of this conference.

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Blogger Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Dear Cheryl:
What a sweetie you are to blog about our Muse Online Conference. It's free and appreciated by many. We have so many great presenters--online makes that possible! (-:
Thank you! Hope to see you at one of my online seminars. (-: One is coming up tonight at 10 pm EST.
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Award-winning novelist, poet and author of the Series of books

PS: We should exchange links because of our writing-oriented blogs. Maybe after the conference when things slow down. My e-mail is HoJoNews @

1:57 PM  

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