Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is it time for them to go back to school yet?

Today is hazy, hot, and humid so I bet that has something to do with my mood, but I cannot wait until school starts on Wednesday. I have had enough summer to last me a lifetime worth of summers.

One of my daughters is a social butterfly and that means constant play dates. It certainly doesn't leave much time or writing--unless it's after 10pm. I have had children here almost every day of the week for at least a month.

And if they played nicely, then it would be no problem. But when you have a group of three, they rarely play nice. The youngest one is always left out and spends most of the play date running to you with tears in her eyes about the two older girls being unfair. Then the older two girls apologize just to turn around and do it again ten minutes later.

For some reason when my daughter gets together with her friends, they feel the need to come in and destroy my house. One day, they threw almost every toy the girls own around the play room. Another day, they crushed a tall metal trash can that belongs to my son who moved out recently and still hasn't taken all his stuff. Another day, they went from room to room on the second floor playing with toys and leaving a trail of mess wherever they had been.

I'm exhausted just talking about it. I'm sure my blood pressure will go down about 30 points once school starts next week. Six hours a day of no play dates sure sounds like heaven to me.

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