Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fast Draft, Day 11

Three more days left - wow does time fly when you're having fun. I typed out another six pages tonight before deciding my body needs sleep. This has really been a great experience for me because it is training me to focus on my writing instead of writing a little bit and then taking a break to surf the Net or post on forums or anything else I did which stole valuable writing time.

I still have that July 1st deadline for my first book hanging over my head and I think with the habits I am creating with Fast Draft I should be able to plug away at it pretty quickly as soon as Fast Draft is over. I'm so glad I decided to participate instead of languishing in self-pity while I didn't write if I wasn't in the mood, or if I didn't have some inspiration, or for any other excuse I used.

If I want to be successful I have to run my writing career as if it's a business, and believe me I do want to be successful. I'll always write - no matter what - because I love it and because I think I'm good at it, but making a little money at something I love doing doesn't hurt either. I don't need fame and fortune, though I wouldn't pass them up if they were ever to come my way. I am a writer, because I write; and maybe one day I'll be an author because someone else believed what I wrote was worth reading.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job Diva buddy. Keep plugging away. You are a great writer. I always love your stories.
I just want to encourage you in your writing "business". The forums will always be there for play time. Keep on keeping on. You are doing so well. I am proud to call you my friend.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Thanks for the support Marilyn. It means a lot to know there are people who believe in you and your work.


1:07 PM  

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