Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back to Work

Our family visited Cape Cod for a few days this past week. The Cape can't hold a candle to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but it's a short drive to the shore and the kids like to go into Hyannis and ride the carousel.

Going on vacation at the end of the summer can be a big let down. Next week is Vacation Bible School and the following Wednesday my oldest daughter goes back to school. Then comes Labor Day and the youngest starts preschool the following Monday. Before we know it, Halloween will be here and if I blink too quickly Christmas will be upon us.

It's like that end of the summer vacation tells all of us it is time to get back to work. But today is one of those glorious days when a strong breeze is blowing through the leaves and the temperature is cool enough to fool us into thinking fall will be here soon. We know it's not true. Even if the temperatures hover around 70 all next week, we can count on an Indian Summer in September before the fall weather stays for good.

I think I'll enjoy the sun and the breeze and go play with the kids. Pretty soon it will be back to work for all of us and it will be easy to forget all this beauty while we try to maintain our schedules and our sanity.

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