Monday, January 16, 2006

To my DQ Friends

Hello all,

So I finally started putting pen to paper to get this DQ fan fic idea out of my head and out to readers. It's been rattling around in my little brain for at least a year now. I have to admit I've been selfish with this idea too, because when we started talking about what if's on the DQ forum I came up with this idea but wouldn't post it. Somehow I didn't want another person to write this story. I know, I'm a dork.

But anyway, I thought I would use my blog to post an excerpt of my story that I have tentatively titled Secrets. I hope you enjoy it! Please share your thoughts here or at the DQ forum.



Sully was bewildered and angry. He looked again at the large, white envelope Horace had handed him. He slapped it hard against his open hand. He still couldn’t believe what he read.

He tucked the envelope into the pocket of his pants, hopped up on the wagon, and started for home. Sully was glad he had built the homestead so far from town. It would give him time to think about what he would say to her.

The clip-clopping rhythm of horses’ hooves numbed his mind. As if it weren’t numb enough after that letter. The envelope was postmarked Washington, D.C. but no seal adorned the outside. It couldn’t be official business for the Bureau. Most correspondence from his boss, Welland Smith came by wire or on his office stationery.

A confused and curious Sully had opened the letter as he sat on the bench outside the clinic door. The handwriting wasn’t familiar, but the salutation said, “Dear Sully.” This person must know him, he thought.

The writer made reference to a short visit to Colorado Springs and asked how Michaela and the kids were. Then the subject changed to work with the National Parks Bureau and important legislation that needed to be passed. The final lines requested Sully’s help in encouraging Congress to pass that legislation.

Sully’s eyes scanned the bottom of the third page for the writer’s identity. His eyes flashed red as the name was revealed. Sully looked several more times to make sure he read it right.

He was furious. Why hadn’t she told him? Didn’t she know how he would feel? Now too angry to sit and have lunch with Michaela, he decided to head back home.

The homestead appeared in the distance and Sully’s mind wandered back to the present. He pulled into the yard and tugged on the reins. The horses stopped and replied with a soft neigh. His anger was gone. All that stung now was the pain of her deception.


Blogger AshleySully said...

WHOA! OK, who is it from? I'm intrigued! AHHH! More more more!


10:56 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I'm very intrigued!

12:28 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Well I was hoping for that reaction. Any guess as to who the writer is or who deceived Sully?


5:56 PM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

Thanks for changing it so I can pot feedback too. I am looking forward to more. I guess David

10:51 PM  
Blogger kruemi said...

Where can the whole story be found? Was it David? Or maybe Dr. Burke? When does it take place? Sooo many questions :-)! kruemi

1:08 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

I'll post it on when I finish editing it today or tomorrow. I'll put a link on the DQ forum and here. It takes place in 1873 after Sully is working with Welland Smith.

Thanks Kreumi. I hope you enjoy it!


3:19 PM  

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